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Here's the idea: You leave a message, the next person who comes along gets to read it. Once you've entered your message, you'll see what the previous person has left for you. You can leave any message you want. Tell the world how you feel right now. Spew a little. Reveal your darkest secret. Or paste in a chunk of the report which you should be working on right now instead of surfing the web. Please leave behind something interesting, otherwise this site gets pretty lame.

OK, some people don't quite get the idea of this. The point is to leave a message and get one in return, not to post 5 messages in a row and keep getting your own message back.

And remember, this is all done anonymously. The person who reads your message will not know who you are unless you tell them. Your anonymity is guaranteed*.

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*Anonymity not really guaranteed, but, hey, it's free!