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If you came here to find out what it's all about, get lost. If, however, you came here to shake loose the elephants in the cuffs of your pants I encourage you to do so, only make sure that the truculent blues of their eyes stay well in place, if not moreso. This is DADA. All others, take your business to the void where it belongs.

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NOW: Our resident DADA oracle, samples the vibrations coming from your hatstand and associated penguins and tells you your DADA fortune. Will it snow in your breakfast? Will you need to carry five eggs in your pocket or only three? Is that a hippo? Now you will know.

the DADA oracle will take you where you need to go

An essay on the tangerine.

DADA is a virgin microbe

In order to combat the malicious spiders that grope our web pages and brutally tear from them any and all email addresses we may be foolhardy enough to post in the vain attempt to give others the opportunity to send to us great heaping loads of praise such that these robots, or more likely their owners, would use these stolen addresses to then encourage us to Make! Money! Fast! (and no this is not a pyramid scheme) or perhaps to allow us to enlarge certain parts of our bodies which we might not even possess--though that part's off the record and we will neither confirm nor deny--or lose other parts of our bodies while we sleep--and while making! money! fast!--we have installed a little poisoner of emails that goes by the name of sugar plum and can be found here which while creating pages and pages of let us say not quite real email address in the process creates a rather DADA assemblage of words and thus the reason that I've called you all here is finally explained in a manner exciting yet strangely anti-climactic.

Note: This server is no longer experimental. However, it may still start to smoke and/or make strange whirring noises. Even though it has been designed to do this, the prudent among you may still desire to evacuate immediately.