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MY PENIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drinking diarrhea is the meaning of life

See a doctor, dear mortal.

And then he said NO! to his wife.

Incapable to sort all.

But she kept saying yes, like a shrew

Omnipotently stupid

and all i could do was bid her adieu

I was I just admit

And never redress, well maybe a few...

And so, I threw a fit

I do like to take a big poo

Tiny little spider, riding on a tiger

Big Anime Tiddes

jump, little one

My boyfriend said this

And I did again

to me while we turned fingers into bleach

I couldn't explain

Hallowed as th eold witch

why, just why

He sighed and hiked up his britches

The plain is sand, as which it lie

pausing to wipe on the curtain

beyond this we do not know

The cat who was there, was uncertain.

But someone all at once delighted in the know




head on keyboard. again. again. again.

and many more to come

Sanity is lost on the sane sane sane

more morons moroning monontonously moronic more

Flight be lost on the plane wane, David Blaine

It was the logic who fell first to the floor

The one who got away in the plane

It was the heart that ran first to the door

crush leaves with your fingers

And the mind fell tumbled to the floor

go home and shut all the windows

I don't know what's going on anymore





It's snowing on Mount Fuji

It passed through him like a bean burrito

You haven't got a clue, G

Taut austere, he displayed a vain conceit. Oh.

But you've taken from the clue tree.

In a sphere, she found her roasted meat.

Upstood to take the new tree

that's great

Led back at once, he felt free

Life's a crate, contains not eggs,

but marshmallows, three! Glee!

World's a state that has no pegs

When will the folk be free?

Sometimes we wonder

They will never be free

is it worth sparks and thunder?

For they breathe as they see


Does html work here?

Who is the dreamer, What is the dream

Puigdemont Puigdemont Puigdemont

What is the creamer, where is the cream

I just impaled myself on a fence

Crapped my pants

And died


Your guide

The Bend!

For we are not fried upon others losses.

The Break!!

Yet we burn as other abusers

Breaking of brittle bones...


Forsaking of little phones

We live, oh so we play

im biting into your bones

to be or not to be

and crushing your throne

Such, is a quandry

Enclosure of stoney ground.

But alas, it is mine , this perplexity .

this perplexity taking me over, all around.

He said, my fiend was John.

I feel my skin prickle, covered in your sound

He bled, resistance gone

I gaze out the window and watch a car drive by

Un frere le tres bien

Think of the life I lost because of your lie

I had really said, I like men

and realise that because of that i stabbed my eye

Is love really that much of a crime?

Your stupid shithead

Why yes, my friend

For Euclid the 'bit fed'

Thanks to MY PENIS HURTS!, Dr. Diarrhea, Passel, Chad, Mefolks, claire, Audrey, YourName, Madi, Unobtanium, Chui, sarah, , essa, Larry T., Lee, evan, chantreuse, Bob Spinky, david Koresh, YNH, BTG, JimmiXzSq, mr. jonathan, Gregory gregories, Bungle, Unobtanium, Chui, 62% Duran Duran, Right side of the brain, Mannard, Cassidy, lysapologos, With terrible scansion, Katie, HEY AT LEAST IT RHYMES, Barnypok, trevor, Logan, Deliliah, Cario Mart, I am a NUMBER, Woof woof!, dlboy, RWFree, roasted meat, CharmingAnt, Bubblenscion Esquire, WindowMoth, Babybubba, Beef, Assa, Nidean, Pull The Plug, Gene, Squarely Newton, Jon Mantxi, Kitty Sogface, Porky, A-Z 1987, QuantumSphereTheory, Twanksy, Tad Adams, Frank Frankington, Yves, JimmiNi, Yournamyeah, Furious Banjo, Stargazer Seo, Ominous_Boom, Bettercozitrhymes, Yeame., someone, person, Fuckscake, PasserbyN, Mynamistwit, Easlyn Augustus, The Air of Pee, NAM, Mason, Noah, arfaise, and Sassonic for helping to write this poem.