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Tis the season to go in debt because your

ungrateful family wants you to buy them

everything they see. Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!

Buy them a hand granade with a timer.

Problem solved on a permanent basis.

You mean grenade?

Do a spell check you damn smurf bastard!

Jethro Jethro Jethro Jethro Jethro Jethro

Granny, granny granny granny granny

Jed Jed Jed Jed Jed Jed Jed

Has a dog or maybe many

Fell asleep then went to bed

Married a hen or a couple henny

Woke up then stayed asleep

boy do I hate the penny

He drives a Jeep. Beep beep.

That's better, kiss my boots. LOWRIDER!

take your riboflavin

I believe in God but not His love.

every day, quoth the raven

I believe in death but not in life

He left New Haven

looking for the beginning of creation

I am hungry.

Moses made it all up!

But on the contrary,

I keep them in my pants

love love love love

harmony is nothing without chaos

fuck that love of yours

i make steak with rose and cows

I wish you'd melt in the summer.

but, I forgot to add some salt!

even though you're hard like a hammer

thnking about my salt, I couldn't bear

nothing changes even if you go to heaven

because I'm the only one who keeps this going

you knew it all along didn't you

you can leave coz it'll make no difference

and then, asking for more!

Six buckets of water

not you being this bold

nothing else you could add

hehe hehe who was it?

Live long and prosper

He said I look like a cop

or wither slowly away

but then I prayed to get it

the snake eats its own tail only sometimes

Too hard to set it

A friend is a lumpy rug

Take care of it because we both know you can

You learn to ignore the weirdness underneath.

It was but a mere flash in the pan

Don't feed the bears

Blinding mischief, passing in this fate

TRUMP 2024

Serious consequences, you took the bait

Will always be a dream

Is truly such a bore

now all you can do is sit here and wait

your mom is such a loathsome whore

Never to be seen again

stupid turds

Drink the red tea and you will see

I’m at a loss for words

Does butt sex hurt?

we are a club of stupid turds

does being a moronic turd feel good?

welcome stupid turds

Nah, still worse than being a retard.

I don't believe in anything other than myself

because I am a stupid turd


not an angel's voice I've heard

he said WHAT!

For their busy for the word

I want play

food eat food

The horse eat hay

gotta eat, food if i don't i'll DIE

I painted my spleen gray

Bill bill bill bill nye

I see a red spleen and I want to paint it gray

All that could be seen, was a sigh

Ur mom gay

Is a half-ass better than an asshole?

Ur dad faye

I can’t think of anything funny

I love the smell of laundromats.

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