nice or naughty?


Much of the content at smalltime industries is created by our visitors. Although we try to remove material that is inappropriate for our more sensitive guests, we can't constantly patrol these pages. Therefore we present to you the "nice" filter. It replaces any naughty word that may appear on our pages with friendly alternatives, like "puppy" or "rainbow." Activate the filter with the button below and everything will be happy and safe and fun! Everything, that is, except for Guess the Dictator, for which this is not yet active. And, of course, for misspelled naughty words and naughty words we haven't thought of yet. It's not magic, after all.



In the spirit of equal time and of symmetry, we couldn't create a "nice" filter without creating it's evil twin, the "naughty" filter. This filter inserts naughty words at random into our pages. Actually, we chickened out after creating the "naughty" filter and replaced the real dirty words with dirty-sounding but innocent ones. We were afraid of some mischievous party activating this filter on someone else's computer, thus making it seem as if we, your humble servants at smalltime industries, were filth-mongers of the most unrepentant kind. And that, I put to you, we most certainly are not. Not much, anyway.



Had enough of the filter? Turn it off here: