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spam ... a moose

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Here's what other people have said:

dirty thieving lying democrats-everyone now knows but only liberals accept cheating
weak loud backward liar. 51 days.
I wonder how much power that Kamala holds over poor old feeble Joe. Girls will kill old Joe.
Trump getting closer to winning everyday. Democrats need to practice cheating. They're lousy
Granny, can you get Toxic Shock Syndrome from Depends. You should know. Thanks.
Who's checking the fact checkers?
Trump using the constitution to steal the election from the cheaters and crooks.
What Kamala Harris said on a hot mike when talking about Joe Biden---
fuck you, worthless idiot
If Biden actually wins everybody will know that he did it dirty, cheating and corrupt.
Hillary told Joe to not concede under any circumstances. She knew the "fix" was in play.
Uh oh! Looks like the democrats weren't clever enough with their cheating votes. tsk tsk
Granny, nice job you did to mass poetry. Deep inside you're an angry young girl, huh?
Never mind the frickin Spam, where's the stop auto-play button on YouTube gone?!
Joe Biden has yet to be certified as president elect. What! You didn't know that! drrrrrrrrrrrr
Still hoping for overtime? LMAO
Still working in your 70's? drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
You're just angry because you're so much of a retard that even the proud boys turned you down
Yes, port-a-potty delivery is a great way to get rich! Or do you work at a QuikMart? LOL
And yes hourly pay with all this OT means I make more than management.
LOL hourly pay and canned beer! Yes, you are a real winner, aren't you!!! LOLOLOL
I drank beer out of your trailer last nite.
Never fear - Dennis got the cup back the next time :)
Ha Ha - you must feel like Dennis Conner in 1983 - those bastards cheated better than us!
Money donated to the democrat party was used to bribe voting officials in many states.
Can #1600 be fully sterilized by 1/20/2021?
It's gotta be the Spam.
#46-Fly the American flag upside down
#45-The best president this country will ever have
President Cunt - Eight More Weeks
Your search is over folks - wwwdotspamdotcomslashmuseum
VPL-Very Pedantic Libtard
I think I know what a VPL is, but not sure what it has to do with finding the Spam.
Is that you, Sidney?
Joe Biden knew that the fix was in-that explains his lack of political rallies and enthusiasm.
Granny, how are they hanging? U . U And how is your leaky ( ! ) LMAO!
Nero playing golf while Rome burns
It's time to take out the journalists who are intent on doing harm to this country.
It's hovering between Beelzebub and Bozo at the moment...
Why hasn't someone killed George Soros yet?
A thinning of the herd is long overdue. Hold on to your butts!
We all lost the election. Say goodbye to the USA. Bitches will get rid of Joe real quick.
Ha ha - even Nixon and Dubbya got re-elected, loser!
dirty slimy cheating democrats-you are scum
Get a life, idiotic dillhole. LOL yeah right, as if you will!

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