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Somewhere in the picture below we have cleverly hidden a can of spam. If you think you've found the spam, click on it to find out if you're right. You probably don't think there is any spam in the picture, but look closely. Many people only find the spam after staring intently at the picture for several hours.

Good luck and find that spam!


For those of you using a text-only browser, here is the non-graphical version of Find-the-Spam. Select the one which is Spam:

spam ... a moose

If you've tried and tried and still can't get it, there's a Spam Help page.

Do you have absolutely no life? If so, take a look at the archive of Old Spam entries.


Here's what other people have said:

What would Tom Brady do?
You are mentally ill
What is a nidiot?
You are mentally ill
Living rent free 24/7 in your oddly androgenous head-Trump in 2020
Actually, you're an idiot.
Your a nidiot
I don't hate God. It's that kid of his that I can't stand.
the early turd finds the turds o yeah
Nov 5 1994: coolsiteoftheday dotcom
Seeing a cop will be the highlight of my day
President Diaper Baby Turdface has already won! Make America Goo Goo Gaa Gaaaaaa
Donald Trump in 2020
The early bird finds the first Spam.
watching Live PD clips on Youtube. Cops are the best!
Is it possible for you to get dumber?????????????????
Keep watching the talking heads and you will get dumber as you get more brainwashed
Poma lox
Where’s the spam lmao
You need a poop transplant!


Tiocfaidh Ar La
ñóêà áëÿäü
Kilroy wuz here
i know all the dwarfs names
Gaming live
hello I am cow
Find-the-Spam is more nuffy said than 'nuff said.
LOL you should get a poop transplant
Lol, a poop transplant turned out to be fatal.
I'd rather have a prefrontal lobotomy, so I could be just like you!
I'd rather be one of the sheep that actually believe in the talking heads on tv.
Rush Limbaugh is a moron. Have fun with that!
Rush Limbaugh is an anagram of A Girls Bum Huh
Rush Limbaugh-920 AM band- 9 till noon-you can't handle the truth but try anyway
My 401K is doing great too! I have thirty-seven dollars and fifty-three cents in pennies!
Kick* up
My 401k is doing so well. I think I'll lick up my contribution to 10 percent
I need help, President Diaper Baby Turdface! I can hardly afford my Depends
It takes most of my disability payments
My Depends budget every month is outrageous because of bowel problems.
diaper wearers of America unite! President diaper baby is the supreme diaper baby!
President Diaper Baby Turdface has already won! Make America Goo Goo Gaa Gaaaaaa
Where did they take the tissue from to make your fake penis, Granny?
wanking and toking and wanking and toking and wanking and toking
Truckloads of guns and cops
Onty twits tweet.

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Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.
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