Find-the-Spam title

Somewhere in the picture below we have cleverly hidden a can of spam. If you think you've found the spam, click on it to find out if you're right. You probably don't think there is any spam in the picture, but look closely. Many people only find the spam after staring intently at the picture for several hours.

Good luck and find that spam!


For those of you using a text-only browser, here is the non-graphical version of Find-the-Spam. Select the one which is Spam:

spam ... a moose

If you've tried and tried and still can't get it, there's a Spam Help page.

Do you have absolutely no life? If so, take a look at the archive of Old Spam entries.


Here's what other people have said:

Quite right! You don't want to come back from Sorrento to an unflushed turd, do you?
Ha ha, I meant to type "The apple does not fall far from the tree" - oops!
Control - I have made the drop tonight (usual place)
Spam is the less than satisfactory boob job of luncheon meats.
Also nice with wood: Wood.
There's an ancient spam that shows Acitcratna without eci, ya know...technically elbissopmi!
73% of cats do really horrid things, that I'd rather not mention in polite conversation...
...It'll be delightfully terrible.
The new season of Dr What is bringing back the classic spam; but with new pork.
A shemale was murdered because she knew too much about spam...
I priZe myself on avoiding the previous suggestion.
This season, I will be mostly eating Spam with baked beans and a nasty Spumante.
I didn't find the Spam - and I have a cast iron alibi to prove it!
717 shemales found
Is that a clue? Perhaps the Spam is hidden behind the microwave oven!
I don't know what I'd do if a complete stranger called me "Squire"...
They found the cosmic background radiation before they found the Spam :-0
Spam not mentioned in the Gettysburg Address
no parts is strap on spelled backwards
I finished today's Find-the-Spam without using a pencil or eraser! a jar on her bedside
Caitlin Jenner HAS A PENIS
Caitlin Jenner looks like a more feminine version of Jessica Lange
Sorry, you'd have to ask a misanthropologist.
My penis doesn't hurt... HELP ME!
Personally, I like wheat.
Is misanthropism better than both misandry and misogynism put together? Disc.
That's all very well, but what if the unions complain? Huh? Gotcha there ...wait.
Serving suggestion: Cut into cubes and dip into the melted cheese for Spam Fondue
They are called 'forearms' because we have to.
This is all a bit 'miles per gallon' isn't it.
No, of course we didn't find the Spam. Well we did, but only from an offside position.
I've already racked up my 100 games today - averaging a nice 185 at the minute
Who actually are the Kardashians?
...and the same for James Bond too!
I will vote for a god who decrees that Doctor Who will always be a straight white male.
Covering you body with Spam is a sign of either immaturity or self-loathing.
Target didn't have any men's hats. They want their customers to get skin cancer.
Kylie Minogue's still got her bottom
Vaseline is your friend
MY PENIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PENIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...but I do plan a lot of my tactics and strategy for the game when I'm in the shower!
I have never played Find-the-Spam in the nude...
Okay - some planets where the Spam might be found. Give us a fucking break.
Let's All Get Naked And Fart
...or just a pink, salty planet?
Is NASA about to announce that they've found the Spam...?

*Note: Do not enter anything terribly offensive, do not enter phone numbers or other people's email address, and no adventurous html please.

Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.
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