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Somewhere in the picture below we have cleverly hidden a can of spam. If you think you've found the spam, click on it to find out if you're right. You probably don't think there is any spam in the picture, but look closely. Many people only find the spam after staring intently at the picture for several hours.

Good luck and find that spam!


For those of you using a text-only browser, here is the non-graphical version of Find-the-Spam. Select the one which is Spam:

spam ... a moose

If you've tried and tried and still can't get it, there's a Spam Help page.

Do you have absolutely no life? If so, take a look at the archive of Old Spam entries.


Here's what other people have said:

"The One Where They Can't Find The Spam" - worst Friends episode ever!
On the fourth night of Hanukkah my rabbi gave to me... Spam!
Booker T and the MSG
On the third night of Hanukkah my rabbi gave to me... Spam!
Gotta say, Mass Fiction won't win any Booker T Awards.... Will it.
When the idol is cast, it's onto the sledgehammer. Forever.
Whatever's going on, is whatever's not going off...
You know I feel like... These days not so much. - Mod Pinter.
If LPer is the new DJ, who is the new MC? Is it SPm?
Will Hormel bring out a Spam flavoured Icy Pole to counter Vegemite...?
On the second night of Hanukkah my rabbi gave to me... Spam!
i'd like the spam, egg, spam, baked beans, spam and sausage without the spam please
suck my duck
He must've got a better offer for the partridge, huh?
On the first night of Hanukkah my rabbi gave to me... Spam!
We'll be voting Lumpenproletariat next time
Your mom tastes like coon cheese
Everything tastes better with coon cheese
your kid doesn't "see the world through a different window," he's just a tard.
There's no need to be embarrassed about finding the Spam - everyone does it.
There's no helping anyone who still believes in any kind of Christ.
Meanwhile, how do we convince the fundamentalist nutjobs in the US that Trump is The Anti-Christ?
I still have the foreskin God gave me.
Your mom is a jew
Almost time! I love being a Jew on Christmas!
Your mom is good for 5 minutes
Just enjoy the good, for 5 fucking mins, OK? And GOOD bless us, Every(on the)one.
Apeople actually! - Twat, belittling the valid consideration of feminism and human rights.
...will always be a very special time - where I don't nail babies to planks. Amen.
Oh lighten up, it's not your baby they nailed to a plank. In many ways Christmas to me....
Sure, go ahead, king cnut. Happy Mythrasmas everyone...
Oh. ..And now?
No. That would not be OK.
Can I say Merry Christmas yet?
Confusing, isn't it. The massive fusing of cons.
Michael Foot on the other hand [again removed from the CIAF] ..with tweezers!
Ryan Giggs tho eh? He 'ad a foot tho ..didn't e? Yes, that's right. He did have a foot.
Old Trafford is just bad comedy.
Transformers may NOT be robots in disguise. [link removed by CIAF]
Tragedy is comedy plus time.
yes, that joke has been done before. Nice try.
Has anyone done the Spam whale joke yet?
No Habla Ingles
Looks like it's me and you again tonight, Spammie
Your mom is a can
Serving suggestion: to avoid the Spam going off, eat the whole can in one sitting.
"It was like listening to an American trying to explain a Monty Python sketch."
Wait, someone else remembers the Old Cranny Channel??
Dildo muffins

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Mind you, moose bites can be pretty nasty.
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