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Okay guys. It's time to write some SERIOUS DRAMA which happens to be dramatically serious. So serious. And dramatic. Here goes:

Martha stood in front of her early 20th Century farmhouse and looked out across the land. Wind whipped over the acres of cornfields, leaves lashing in the breeze. Worry furrowed the brows on her sun-darkened face. How would she save her old farm from the developers that wanted to buy her out and turn her land into a Six Flags amusement park? This land had been in her family seven generations. When her husband Daniel was still around, he had been able to stand up to those city-slickers, and earn enough money to keep the family fed and clothed. Alas, he had died two years ago from a combination of cancer and tuberculosis. Since then, Martha had needed to plow and reap by herself.

Her grown children had done what they could to help. Her oldest, Luanne, had moved to Singapore to work as a seamstress, sending money back whenever she could to keep Martha's farm from going under. Alas, when civil war broke out in that country, Luanne was forced to flee across the border into Kenya with the help of a tall, dark, handsome local. He promised to help her find work there, but alas, when they arrived he had died from a combination of Hepatitis B and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Her littlest son, Timmy, had been too young to truly understand the hardships that beset the family, but Martha knew that he could tell something was wrong. So often he would pull on her apron and say "Mommy? How can I help? Do you want me to pull the plow for you?" He did have to plow some of the fields, but not too many because the plow was heavy and he was only six years old. Alas, he then died from a combination of Alzheimer's and chickenpox.

In her hand, Martha held a letter from her second youngest daughter, Susan. It read: "Dear Mother: As you know, I traveled last year to 19th Century London to work as a seamstress, hoping to send money back to you to support the farm. The urchins and workhouse factories are just as Charles Dickens described. While I was here, a handsome young man named Derek stole my heart. We shared a beautiful night of passion together. Alas, the next day he was shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion. Soon after, I learned I was carrying his baby. To avoid the shame of giving birth out of wedlock, I quickly married Matt Damon. He is kind and treats me well. I appreciate all he has done to support me and the baby, but alas, I do not love him as I loved Derek. Just yesterday, I received a telegram notifying me that Derek has died from a combination of bubonic plague and leprosy. But enough about me; how's it going with you? Love, Susan."

A single tear crept down Martha's cheek as she folded the letter and slid it back into the envelope. Tucking the envelope into the pocket of her gingham dress, she sniffled and then raised her head bravely. No more time to feel sorry for herself. She would save the farm, and nothing on Earth or in Hell would get in her way. Heaven help the Six Flags lawyers that would try to stop her.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Virginia cop died after it was dragged by a vehicle fleeing a traffic stop. Give me rug burn, daddy! LOL! Keep those cop corpses coming!

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