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moment that Spencer finally achieved full sentience Kristen, here is your life affirming note for the day. Do seek help for your obvious mental abberations. San Luis Obispo County must have a free walk-in mental health center that you can go to. You don't have to live like this posting what your inner demons make you. You're stronger and better then that. You can do it and God bless and keep you from harm

China Joe Biden Crime Family 2024 A-well-a turd turd turd, well-a turd is the word I get it, Kristen. You jabber about penis' because you don't have one and really wish that you did. You jabber about scatology because you have never had a normal bowel movement. You rage because you will never have either. All that money wasted on Depends plus the fact that you are married to a toilet for your entire life. It must really be the shits to be you, huh. Go ahead and rage as it always makes me LMAO and

Vince Foster endorses Murdering Hillary 2024 Clinton/Obama 24

Hi. I'm Gerg W. Blowhard from Alabama and I'm here to tell you that you're shit.

END Don't you dare call Kristen the sites resident computer hacker shit. Shit has substance and characteristics. Kristen is diarreah only, lacking composure and reliability

Thanks pal. I'm now laughing hard! That was really good As my friend Frank Sinatra used to say
For what is a turd
What has it got
If it has no bulk
Then it is naught
To eat the foods
That cause the runs
Like black-eyed peas
And hot-crossed buns
I have no doubt
It squirted out
Thanks to all of you for attending the show. Now Micropenis has something to say Hi, I'm Micropenis. I have hemorrhoids that dwarf my manhood. I think you need to call the Apache Shaman Mental Health board for advice. I fashion roast beef into penis shapes and wear it over my pathetic wiener. I hate crewcuts, old ladies, walks on the beach, puppies, summertime, ice cream, and laughing children. A nurse hacked my bank account and stole $7.42. I won't stop posting until I get it back. Joe Biden is a dumb stupid head. TRUMP 2024 already won blah blah God bless and good luck with your impaled diarrheapenis Toronto Maple Leafs Julie's gocart beehive tennis pickleballs Beauregard crapped pants and died.

Norm MacDonald 2024 Wow are you fucked up! What exactly do you get from posting filth and gibberish? You did make me laugh with joy however, realizing that I am not you

Now, will you please make me laugh some more requests micropenis boy. You know, I just may decide to hack you yet again, dear micropenis. Your medical records are hilarious!! And your mother fetish, well that's plain sick. You should never have saved those "private" items on your computer, dear boy LOL Welcome to Mass Fiction, the world's largest gathering of micropenii on Al Gore's ww dot webernets. You make me laugh because you're a dumb poophead and I'm better than you. I only diarrhea my corduroys twice a day. Look at how happy I am that I'm not you. Haha! I'm so happy here typing messages to you in a fit of rage every day just like you! You fucking crewcut lesbian Joe Biden voter sack of shit bag juggling scooter rider. God bless you and keep you. Amen


LOL Kristen Thorensen, how are things going for you? You don't sound very well at all. I hope that you're not flooding after all the rain. 450 Napa Ave. in Morro Bay CA. should have good drainage but the puddles can get pretty big. I hope that you are taking your anti-psycotics as prescribed for you but it looks like you might have missed a few. Probably just placebos anyway as you are pretty FUBAR

Now a Democrat will display their mental condition so that you can contrast with my mental condition, which happens to be abysmal

Ooooookay. Somebody might red flag you to the FBI who can easily get your IP address and steal the remainder of your bank balance ($9.45). They're gonna find all your shitty dildos in the raid just like Vester Flanagan's apartment. Then people might leave comments on your obituary that link back to Mass Fiction so everyone can see how repulsive you were. LOL. Diarrheamicropenis crewcut Morro Bay granny stalker strangler rapist. LOL 2024.

You are extremely mentally ill. Please seek help and therapy

God bless you and go to hell

Everyone is mentally ill but me. You should seek counseling from the Democrat Board of Gender Health Equity. Dog bless and good luck.




I THINK ABOUT NANCY PELOSI WITHOUT DENTURES WHEN I TOUCH MY PRIVATES 2024 You have mental issues. Seek help and therapy

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