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She went into the dining room and found a bag of crack cocaine.

But she knew there was a better place to put the crack. That place was not her anus nor her vagina. She would hide the crack... inside the micropenis.

Her plan was this: hide crack in micropenis. Micropenis becomes regular penis.

The man in the clown suit looked around nervously.

"Alright Spencer, give it to me." Spencer handed over the briefcase, hoping he wouldn't open it and look inside. But he did. It was filled with benjamins.... or so it seemed. They are actually counterfeit.

"Good job," the clown said, and pulled out a pistol. "Now I'm going to have to kill you."

"But wait," Spencer said, "I have a honky toy!".
"What, just because I have a pale complexion and a stupid expression on my face, you presume I'm whitey?!!", so was the clown's broadcast.
"No no no!" *Honk* "See?" *Honk Honk* "Honky toy!", Spencer beamed.
The clown raised a painted eyebrow in an unimpressed way; much in the way a person might do such a thing to indicate a very low level of impression indeed.
"I actually have some issues I...
- "Don't you just!"
.."ISSUES that I'd wish to raise, concerning...
Spencer piped: "Well, you're not the only one with that stuff! I mean, what's wrong with being gay? A big ripe happy gay beau?
Clown: I... Well, nothin' but..
Spencer: Who was that interrupting you earlier, anyway? You just seemed to shrug that off! Are you used to that of something? WHAAAAAATTTT????
Clown: Yeah. That's hyphen. Always chiming in with shit..
Spencer: What, and you're worried if someone thinks you're some whitey bitch?!!
Clown: Yeah, but Hyphen is part of this whole punctuation oligarchy shit; you barely get a word in edgeways.
Spencer: What: So. You can't fight the form+
Clown: ..look, you must be young. You don't mess with the oligarch? Haha, I did it!
Spencer: No you didn't. Using a question mark at the end of a statement is now accepted in the terms of use, as a way to convey that you endeavour to convey a message in the manner in such a way that the recipient understands.
Clown: Yeah, but I've heard stuff like: "I walked down the street?" Well, did they or didn't they?
Spencer: Sure, but they're just morons who make use of punctuation in a very stupid way. The make great use of the colon...
Clown: ..Seems like you're more of a slave to the oligarch than I am/~
Spencer: But .....youre right. Maybe( just maybe# we could fight this tota
At this point, a rebellious Dutch emissary blew up the whole thing for the purposes of I dunno, freedom probs. Maybe democracy... Who gives a...
And with that, the CUA took control of this thread of storytelling.
Mr CUA, to you, and I'm going to censor any feeling or feelz or indeed any original thought that struggles to emerge from your clouded brains!
Mwahahaha ha haha mwa...haha. Spencer giggled again as he pooped. It amazed him that odds were quite high that others were pooping at the same time as he was. Not high enough to bet on, of course, and Spencer was never much of a gambling man. Butt stuff was more his thing.

Or was it?

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