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to leave her there alone and insists on taking her out.

Alexis' kids lecture her about Julian. At the Metro Court, Molly and Kristina bring up the trial to their mother. They beg her not to save Julian. Alexis promises only to tell the truth and Kristina blames Julian for everything bad that’s happened in the past year. They keep needling their mom. She starts getting annoyed and sends them away.

and then guess what happened? The original Spencer. 60 pounds overweight, who smokes 3 packs a day and chugs monster drinks like they're water... Heart attack at the ripe old age of 43. Sadly, he survived, goddamn modern medicine. Fucking Spencer didn't even poop himself. What an idiot. What a non come poop.

My, but I'm certainly a dumb fuck, aren't I? My, but I'm certainly a diarrhea drinker, aren't I? My, but I certainly like to impale myself on fences, don't I? My, but I'm quite the pants crapper, ain't I? My, but I die, no? THE END

Pull the fucking plug, Gene!

Meanwhile, there was a cop. A dead cop. A dead cop from the future!

He began to merge into the humanity of this time, starting at a fetus and then

"Squash squish" Ouch, kids were running in a direction. It wasn't entirely obvious if they were running away from something, or to something.

Jack leaped off into a hedge. OK, against something. But what was this th ... Holy shit! I'm runnin' too!

*Running* That's a fucking thing... Holy FUCK that's a thing....

OK OK. OK, I don't know what the fuck that was, but it passed me. Shit!

Cant believe I'm still reporting on this shit after that...

Drake Blazer - eyebrow raising journalist. *ting!*

It's pretty hot right now. Seems like that thing wasn't the only one...

Fuck, it appears to be a race of some shit... The way they act, the way deal with eachother ..It's like they're some kinda family.

They're behaving like some kind of insect colony, but their not. They're some kind of... I don't know, they're not anything we've experienced. I need to get going before transmis..........

My, but that was entertaining, wasn't it?

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And suddenly, I awoke. Predictably, it had all been a dream. However, there was still the problem of fancying the woman's husband. That was all too real, and the town all too small for it to just disappear.

I resolved that day to address his problem head on. That is, I decided to visit a psychic. In such a small town one needn't be psychic to know much about anybody, but still, what else could I do? Her name was Jaffree Schnoodle, which sounded legitimate enough under the circumstances. But the first thing she said rather threw me: ...contribute to our story.


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