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Hey - got a death threat
from Temporal Phoenix
last night, saying that the
big ole boys that make the
world go round, are going
to wipe me off the Earth.
They can't allow the Time
Cube Principle to continue.
Opposites Create, not God,
who equates queer creator
and masturbation creation
of Evil Oneness Educators.
Oneism equates to evil lie,
and Death for Opposites
of Hemispheres and Sexes.
Wikipedia claim that the
Time Cube is non-science
constitutes a Grave error
by the half-brain bastard
who can't think opposite
of the lies he was taught.
I was born to think Cubic
as in a 4 corner family life,
therefore I rise above you.
You are educated Stupid,
You are educated Evil ---
You will ignore message
& attack the messenger.
Man invented his God in
man's character - Stupid
Oneism and Singularity
in Universe of Opposites.
You worship an evil god
who allows babies to starve
to death while you gorge?
God BELIEF succumbs to
The Cubic Law of Nature.
Opposite sex organs prove
male & female to be binary
opposites equal zero value,
and nothing as unified one.
You are educated ENTITY
STUPID for all Creation is
composed of Opposites ----
which equate to Zero value
existence - and cancels out
to nothing if unified as one.
Before Word was invented,
no God existed upon Earth.
Truth cannot be uttered so
that's why I am writing it.

Earth, Life, and Truth ---
contradicts 1 Day Gods,
and ineffable by human.
Nature enforces a LAW
against God existence.
No god equals 4 corner
simultaneous days in a
single rotation of Earth.
No god equals 4 corner
stages of metamorphic
rotating humanity - as a
baby, child, parent and
grandparent evolution.

Cubic Creation Wisdom
empowers me above all
the 1 day gods on Earth.

But also consider the pyramids. These shapes far outpower the cube. The force of the dodecahedron is curiously much lower. After all, the G that the Masons use stands for Geometry. Not God.

Pyramids are inside TIME CUBE

You are stupid and evil one-day person

Seek the Wisest Human Gene Ray

And so it goes.

Real life killed the internet star. We can't reload, we've gone too far.

The turtle doesn't turn until the 3rd for me. Got the buffer so it doesn't really matter. Still saving my money so I can build the new room off of the deck. right into my belly. On the other hand, nobody thought to look at the rumbling noise coming from the road. Too bad, because the truck making that noise was loaded with rotten pumpkins, which spilled all over the road, and attracted a herd of buffalo. And you can't roller-skate in a buffalo herd. So I overdosed on sleeping pills. But by "overdosed", I mean "took a lovely nap". When I woke up, my dog Spot was eating a banana. Where did he get a banana?

Spot looked at the banana peel and barked. Just then, the doorbell rang. Shit! Why are the police here? There was a knock on the door. Then, "Banana Police!" I knew I had to act quick, The raving maniac left, still talking to himself. Mr Slug, the omnipresent slug, slithered off, or rather squelched, until he found a nice cabbage leaf to sit under and watch the procession of weirdos, freaks, and other garden-based oddities that populate the world. He watched, and waited, and waited and watched. What was he waiting for? He was waiting to achieve an erection.

Well peelers, ice hockey is again triumphing in the pandemic sports world as America crumbles and NASCAR supplants Presbyterianism as most popular religion for Yankee plant brains. Lord Stanley's mug may be returning to Toronto.

Busher Jackson was a famous Toronto Maple Leaf who ended up living on the streets. That's sad, like Arkansas, but more on that later. Crack it up, meth-boy!!!

Alright, what's all this then?

Well after I achieved my dream of servicing all three lines of the Maple Leafs it just didn't seem like there was more to do. And that's just when the ETs showed up. Well normally I don't have any truck with ETs, but this time they wanted to know more about hockey, so i delightfully educated them. They agreed football was cool too. Then they gave me a ride in their spaceship, but we got stranded near the orbit of a planet called Taxalar-7, the 4th planet in orbit around a star not yet discovered by humans on Earth. ...contribute to our story.


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