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then listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levine. " Yes, you need people to tell you what to think, don't you?


And so it goes. I think for myself by repeating what my authority figures tell me! Truth and facts! Everyone else is mindless! Hail Rush Limbaugh!

And so it goes.

I feel your frustration and anger over the death of the libtard party and how they have chosen a dud for their candidate. I think that if you wait until 2032 then Chelsea might make a run for the presidency. I'm sorry that you will probably have expired by then but in the meantime you get to watch Biden and Pelosi play "word salad" together. : )

And so it goes. You libtards are duped by the media. Those of us who like truth listen to Rush and he tells us the truth. I like freedom and I am patriotic so I don't listen to media, I listen to Rush. I exercise my freedom by repeating what Rush tells me. You libtards are just jealous.

And so it goes.

Having a block party. Lots of fun and I'm drinking beer out of your old tiny cozy happy melted trailer.

And so it goes. Yes of course you think of me while having "Lots of fun"! RENT FREE! I think of Humpty Dumpty trapped, sitting on that wall, afraid that if he falls he'll crack. Don't fall off yer wall, Granny.

And so it goes. Oh, look. The limpwristed Granny Obsessive Guy is still babbling away here! How can we help you, Loser Granny Guy?

And so it goes. It smells like farts in here. What's wrong with you people?

As for me it was child abuse from over 70 years ago that created what I am. Also I am an old woman and I really want to be a virile young man so I pretend to be one on the internet. Being a staunch libtard at this point in time is also causing mental stress for me as my party is slimy, immoral and full of old senile leaders.

TRUMP 2020

And so it goes. As for me I have no life, which I document repeatedly here while babbling about nonexistent people! WM, loves conspiracies and seeks attention, any kind! Please pay attention to me!

And so it goes. Give me back my $740dollars! FELONY COMPUTER HACKING IS A CRIME! At least I have friends. Try not to be tooooo lonely, Granny. It will be over soon.

And so it goes. Your trailer. It's gone. I win. You lose. Fuck you, Granny! And so it goes.

Please get some professional help whoever you are. You REALLY need it. God bless you.

I hope you like ringtone, retard!

And so it goes. My name is Julie Morgan! Please get professional help! You are mentally ill! Do you hear that? And so it goes.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Utah cop was killed Thursday when it was shot through a door. Through a fucking door! LMAO! Keep those cop corpses coming!

Julie Morgan here and I am a very stable, mentally healthy genius. Some of you people need professional help. Your postings show signs of mental illness and instability. Do you hear a telephone ringing? You do? Wonder why? It's probably the COPS calling! And so it goes.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Oakland, California cop was killed Friday night in a drive-by shooting. LOL! Keep those cop corpses coming!

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Ha ha! A cocksucking Las Vegas cop was shot in the back of its head Monday night and is on life support and is not expected to live. LOL! Keep those cop corpses coming!

Ha ha! A retired cocksucking Missouri cop was shot dead by looters Tuesday morning. Kill them all, even the retired ones. LOL! Keep those cop corpses coming!

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