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My, but that was diarrhea drinking, wasn't it?

My, but that was fence impalement, wasn't it?

My, but that was pants crapping, wasn't it?

My, but that was dying, wasn't it?


Another end is also another beginning. Poop gets replaced by something actually interesting. But fence impalement doesn't. Nothing is more interesting than fence impalement.

Except feces. Diarrhea. Poop. Ca-Ca. Turds. Steaming pooplogs dropping from fetid assholes. Excrement. Feces. Poop. Turds. Turds. Diarrhea most of all. Faggots. Faggoty faggot hockey lovers.

Another beautiful Spring day in Morro Bay spent hiding inside yer trailer, type type typing gibberish, huh, Julie? Take an extra dose of yer meds so that you can work up the courage to waddle over to Albertson's later for some Twinkies and Ding Dongs. God bless you.

You shitstains wish you could waddle over to Albertson's for Twinkies and Ding Dongs! Faggoty ass faggot micropenisy faggots! Oh, and you're also faggots!

My, but that was entertaining, wasn't it?

After the best weekend of their lives, Ken and Joe returned to Pomboland. They couldn't help wondering if there was something they forgot to do. They both hd that nagging feeling that something was left behind.

"Which reminds me," said Joe. "You have a nice behind."

Ken blushed. "You have a comely dairy air yourself," he replied demurely.

Joe ran his hand through Ken's hair, scratching the back of his neck gently. Ken felt the tension ooze out of his body as Joe ran his fingernails across the back of his neck.
"How do you do that?" Ken asked.
"Do what?" Joe whispered into his earlobe, his warm breath causing Ken to shiver.
"That," he said. "With a single touch you can relax me instantly."
"I just know how to push all the right buttons, Keith," he whispered again, causing the hair to raise on Ken's neck. Ken didn't bother correcting him on his name. It was no use anyway.
Joe's hand turned Ken's head toward him, bringing their lips together. His lips were soft, just like everything about him. Well, not everything. Their lips parted, and Ken felt Joe's tongue enter his mouth. Ken pulled on Joe's hair, pulled him in closer. He ran his other hand down his bare chest, circling his fingers around his bellybutton.
Joe moaned softly "And you know how to push my buttons now, Ken."
Ken's hand moved lower, just under the elastic of Joe's pants, teasing, taunting him playfully. Joe wasn't one to play around, however, and before Ken could object, he'd already moved down between his legs. Joe fumbled with his belt a moment before unbuttoning his pants. Pulling them down slightly, his hand found Ken's already hard cock. He stroked it gently and gripped it tightly, causing Ken to moan with pleasure. Joe's hand slid up and down on his cock, his fingers encircling the end, wiping the clear liquid that seeped from the tip and licking his finger greedily with a lustful expression. Their eyes met and Ken wanted nothing more than to feel Joe's lips wrapped around him. Joe kissed and licked his inner thighs as he ran his hand up and down Ken's cock.
"Oh God," Ken moaned, wanting to beg for his mouth, but before he could, Joe had already seemed to read his mind.
Joe's lips parted and he took Ken's cock into his mouth. Ken felt Joe's tongue circling the tip, sucking, licking...he felt Joe's lips wrapped around his dick and moaned with pleasure.
Then Joe pulled his lips away and stroked Ken's cock again, while bending down to take Ken's balls in his mouth. With his other hand, he fondled Ken's ass, circling, taunting, and teasing, but not entering him. Ken responded with involuntary bucking and humping in pleasure.
Just then Joe inserted a finger into Ken's ass, causing Ken to spasm with pleasure and nearly explode. Ken held back his orgasm, though, but he knew he was a goner when Joe again took his cock between his lips, licking and sucking the precum that was leaking and dripping from the tip and taking the shaft deep in his throat while pumping a finger in Ken's ass.
"Stop," Ken moaned, but he gripped Joe's head with his hands, keeping him in place. He wanted to fuck Joe, to please him, but he could not resist the pleasure.
Joe didn't listen. He continued to pump a finger in Ken's ass, causing Ken to buck wildly as he swallowed his cock deep in his throat. Ken could not hold on any longer. Waves of pleasure washed over him as he exploded in Joe's mouth. His warm cum filled Joe's mouth and throat, and Joe swallowed it all with pleasure, groaning and moaning. ...contribute to our story.


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