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Yes, it wass!

Visualize a giant caterpillar tractor crushing your comfortable old home to bits.

kinda sad

: ) MY BUTT I was hoping that guy wouldn't come back, but he did? But him and his butt are still better than the soul-destroying misery of my job. I don't think I can make myself walk through those doors today. I might have to climb in the window instead. Felony computer hacking is really hard work. Also pretending to be at least 200 different people on the internet is hard also. Domestic terrorism and felony computer hacking are my life's work but I am an old fat dying granny and won't be here much longer.

New York Times in 2020 Or maybe an actual racist. Not like this twit or the alt-righters. You idiots have no idea what you are talking about. Y'all need to get a clue and watch some more fake news.

I swear, it's like they're trying to make this a more miserable place to work. Stop it, Gene.

Granny, you still doing medical transcribing in your mid 70's? Sounds like poor planning to me.

TRUMP in 2020

: )

And so it goes.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Alabama cop was slain Monday night. Keep those cop corpses coming!

Are there any cops that DON'T suck cock? Also, you didn't provide any details on how he was slain. And where can I find one like him? Finding a good cop who sucks cock is not easy. They must be too busy solving real crimes. Maybe if my dick was on a wanted poster with a cash reward, the cops would be all over it.

Not a bad idea, just too many of the cute cops are into pussy. Oh well.

Do we need to get back to Spencer and his dreams? There was one that took place in a porn theater.

Poop was normal today. What else is there?

They heard the voice again. "Oh thirteen."

Then they heard some other voices.



They saw Spencer playing hide and seek with some children with his hands over his eyes. Then Spencer did something that shocked the world. He opened his fanny pack and pulled out a bag of farts.

Social media exploded. "YOU CAN BUY FARTS IN A BAG NOW!" The response was overwhelming. People across the world flocked to buy the bagged flatulence. The business made its first billion in less than 24 hours.

Word got around that the first sighting of bagged farts was a man known only as "Spencer." Little was known about this Spencer aside from his stupid hair and alleged homosexuality. The Internet banded together to learn more of Spencer. They were sorely disappointed at who they found.

Hey, a cop died in a bike crash in Florida. Which means that a moronic shithead with no life will post about it in celebratory tones soon! Ha ha! That loser still has a pathetic non-life! Ha ha! Enjoy your shit life, asshole!

Even that cop had gotten into the bagged fart craze. He tried to look up any available information on Spencer, but the database failed to locate the elusive faggot. But the posts continued, and bagged farts quickly became the biggest commercial success of all time. Spencer, still having no idea what he'd started, opened his front door and was greeted by a crowd of reporters.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Florida cop was killed while riding its bicycle! I guess one of the training wheels fell off! Keep those cop corpses coming!

But we're not talking about cops. We're talking about stoplights. Stoplights are really cool. They're all Christmassy colored.

Take green ones, for instance. They look like a woman with a huge, bright smile. Your standard red one is a stern-faced man in a hat staring at you. Solid yellow lights are a Jeff Spicoli type saying DUUHHHHHHH. It can get complicated though, a red light with a green arrow is a sort of buck-toothed hillbilly smile. And a flashing red light is more of a crazy-eyed face.

Ha ha! A cocksucking Louisiana cop was killed Friday during a "routine traffic stop." First cocksucking cop killed in that city in over 50 years. About time! Keep those cop corpses coming!

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